CanO Water was created by 3 friends from London as an alternative to single use plastic bottles. The idea was born after a trip overseas which opened their eyes to the plastic problem. Recognising that aluminium is infinitely recyclable, they introduced the UK’s first canned water to the market. The brand journey is powered by purpose, passion and a Don’t bottle it! energy, encouraging people to choose better for both themselves and the planet.

Head down to the Cano Milk Float Activation where you can spin-to-win, vibe out at the DJ decks and capture the moment in the photo booth. Then crack open a free Cano Water whilst you rehydrate and relax in their chill out zone.

If you can’t wait until festival weekend to get your hands on cans, you can visit the Cano Water Amazon Store. There’s no better way to hydrate throughout your training!

Cano Water thank you all for being part of their movement. Be sure to follow @canowater across socials to ride the wave and experience the hype in real time…