Bournemouth 7s, the world’s largest sport and music festival, partners with Myzone 🙌🏼

Myzone, the innovative fitness technology company, is proud to announce its partnership with the world’s largest sport and music festival, Bournemouth 7s, for the May annual event.

Myzone's advanced heart rate technology is used by sports teams worldwide for training and competitions. Making it the perfect partner for Bournemouth 7s, which brings together hundreds of competitive sports teams from across the country.

With expertise in delivering unique experiential fitness experiences, Myzone will bring interactive screens to the weekend setup. Adding the additional dimension of 'effort visibility' to the event experience, upping motivation and the competitive element.

Throughout the May bank holiday weekend, attendees can try the wearables for free and purchase devices at discounted rates. In addition, every belt purchase will also be an entry into the Myzone prize draw for £2500 - all details here.

“We’re proud to get more people moving at the world’s largest sport and music festival as its digital partner this year,” explains David Stalker, Myzone CEO of EMEA. “With MZ-Switches available for trial and display screens across the site, more people will be able accurately monitor their effort in real-time and have every effort rewarded.

“Inclusive partnerships that celebrate effort ensure that iconic events such as this raise the standards of fitness and offer more health benefits to more people. Whether it’s the thousands of attendees and supporters or the hundreds of teams and participants across seven sports, this is what community is all about.”

Bournemouth 7s is one of the UK's most prominent sports festivals, attracting thousands of attendees from across the country. This year's event is selling out in record time, and with the interactive inclusion of Myzone the event, particularly the fitness games element, is set to be the most engaging it's ever been.

“We’re delighted that Myzone will be joining us an Official Event Partner this year. With a huge uptake from teams for our Fitness Games event, which is being powered by E-Motion Fitness Hub, we can’t wait for our athletes to immerse themselves in the full experience of Bournemouth 7s Festival. It’s fantastic to have the addition of Myzone this year”, explains Paul Ashurst, Managing Director of Bournemouth 7s Festival.

“We are looking forward to the Myzone team providing screens for our athletes to monitor their effort and to keep an eye on the leader board. It’s also an incredible perk for our competitors to be able to trial the MZ-Switches to experience the benefits of the product first hand.”

For more information on Myzone and its partnership with Bournemouth 7s, please visit