We are buzzing to announce our new partnership with Tournify, the cutting-edge tournament management software 🙌🏼

We adopted Tournify in 2022 and there were immediate benefits to both the festival and our participants. Tournify's software streamlined the tournament process, making it easier for us to manage the event and for players to access information about the tournament.

One of the key features of Tournify's software is its ability to create and manage custom schedules and brackets for each team, ensuring that the tournament runs smoothly and efficiently. This is especially useful for the B7s team and our players 🏆. Another great feature of Tournify's software is its ability to provide seamless real-time updates on our app and big screens across the site, keeping everyone informed of the latest scores and standings throughout the tournament.

The partnership between Bournemouth 7s Festival and Tournify is a major step forward for the festival, and it is sure to be a big success for both parties. It will help to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly, providing an enjoyable experience for all.