At FirstAid4Sport, they offer an extensive range of sports-related first aid and recovery products to treat and prevent injuries that may occur during any and all sporting activities. Using their knowledge and understanding of sports injuries, they are able to provide an extensive offering of first aid, taping, strapping, supports and braces that have been specifically selected to ensure their customers have access to the high-quality products that they need from leading sports medicine brands such as Mueller, Donjoy, Koolpak and Ferno. 

They also manufacture their own selection of sports-specific first aid kits, including Rugby and Football, to ensure that first aiders, physios and medics are fully equipped to help keep players on the pitch. 

Bournemouth 7s festival are delighted to be working with FirstAid4Sport this summer for the 2nd year running. They will be providing Physio Fitness with our Pitch-side Medics Physio Bags, along with Instant Ice Packs & more for the medic tents to help ensure those taking part in sporting activities over the weekend are treated effectively.