Over the next few months we will be chatting to all of the B7s team about their role in the business, as well as finding out some fun facts and favourite arenas at the festival. 

On January's 'Meet The Team' we caught up with our Event Manager Ciara Hollis: 

Name: Ciara Hollis 

Job Title: Event Manager 

Fun Fact: I have been to Richard Branson's house for a summer party 

B7s Tenure: 1.5 years

Tell us more about your role in detail? 

My role is extremely varied, and that’s one thing I love about it! Working with a small but dynamic team means that we often need to be versatile and get involved in all areas of the festival. 

A main focus for me is working closely with the multitude of contractors and suppliers, and building strong relationships with those who help bring the festival to life. Improving our sustainability commitments is another key part of my role and one that I really care about, as well as managing the 800 fantastic people who make up our festival workforce. 


What are you most looking forward to for 2023? 

We’ve got some really exciting new developments in the pipeline for this year, including some new arenas! Another thing I can’t wait for is the introduction of 2 new sports to our lineup. It’s the sports teams that really bring the atmosphere to our festival and create a community of like-minded people. It will be fantastic to welcome basketball and cheerleaders to the mix! Seeing people flood through the gates is a feeling that can’t be matched, bring on May 💛


Tell us a funny story you’ve experienced from the office / B7s over the years? 

There are so many! The funniest memories for me have got to be the cable tie wars that get more and more extreme each year. I think anybody in outdoor events can relate to this and know that nobody is safe! 


What is your favourite B7s arena? 

My favourite arena has got to be Funky Forest. I love funky/disco house and the theming of this arena is always amazing!


If you was to come in fancy dress, what would you come in?

A lettuce because I’m a vegetarian (and apparently that’s all we eat 😂)