Bournemouth 7s Festival has an incredibly dynamic and creative team and over the coming months we’d like to introduce you to the people behind the World’s Largest Sport and Music Festival.

In this first ‘Meet the Team’, we caught up with our new Sales Manager:

Name: Lawrence Finch

Role: Sales Manager

AKA: Loz or Finchy

B7s Tenure: 1 Festival

Can you tell us about your role as Sales Manager in more detail? 

My role is primarily organising all of the sports teams that take part in the B7s Festival. This includes everything from helping team’s enter by answering their questions on Cups and accommodation, to going to Universities and presenting on why B7s is the best end of season tour! 

There’s a lot in between; such as tailoring each individual’s experience to include what upgrades they want for the Festival. 

Around Festival time it becomes more about finalising each teams’ orders and actually sending the tickets out as well as helping out with anything and everything that is going on at the time!

What is your top highlight of Bournemouth 7s Festival? 

Having only joined a month before the 2021 Festival when it was all hands on deck, it was amazing to see players and campers arrive on the Friday and start setting up. It made everything I’d seen and heard going on in the previous month come to life and become very ‘real’! 

What are you most looking forward to for 2022? 

I’m most looking forward to having a full festival cycle under my belt for the 2022 Festival and coming at it with much more of an understanding of what to expect. 

To see the teams I will have spent the previous 9 months speaking to, actually there and playing  sports as well as all of the general festival-goers enjoying themselves. Watching it is something I’m really excited about seeing! 

If you play Rugby, Netball, Dodgeball, Hockey or Crossfit and are interested in entering a team, then Loz is your man! You can enter your team for only £60pp (until 30th November) which also includes your weekend festival ticket ☀️ 🍻 Please contact Loz at to find out more about entering a Bournemouth 7s team, the team entry process, upgrades and more!