Over the next few months we will be chatting to all of the B7s team about their role in the business, as well as finding out some fun facts and favourite arenas at the festival. 

On December's 'Meet The Team' we caught up with our Team Sales Manager Lawrence Finch:

Name: Loz/ Lawrence/ Finchy / Finchmeister / Lozarino

Job Title: Team Sales Manager

Nickname: Any of the above

Fun Fact: England Rugby player Sam Underhill broke my leg back at school rugby. Would’ve definitely gone pro if it wasn’t for that 👀 

B7s Tenure: Almost 1.5 years

Tell us more about your role in detail: 

I have the pleasure of managing all of our sports teams for the Festival. This includes providing all the info needed pre-booking, adding upgrades throughout the year and sending out the welcome packs pre-Festival. I’m the point of contact throughout the year - which includes being the guy on WhatsApp for those late night deadline day messages!

At the Festival itself I have the ‘Director of Sport’ role which means that I look after our amazing tournament organisers, making sure they have all they need to successfully run our various sports on the day. 

What are you most looking forward to for 2023?

2 NEW SPORTS!!! 🏀 🤸‍♀️  3x3 Basketball and Cheerleading are our 2 new sports which is very exciting. These will be the first new sports introduced during my time at B7s, so I’m massively excited to see these come to life at the Festival. 

Tell us a funny story you’ve experienced from the office / B7s over the years?

During the 2022 Festival build myself and Callie were tasked with driving a flatbed containing a load of signage back and forth between the office and the Festival site. We decided the weight of the signage would be enough to keep it down in the back. This worked a charm until we got halfway down the main dual carriageway into Bournemouth and realised that half of the signage was on the brink of flying off the back! Thankfully, a quick pitstop and a tactical reshuffle meant we didn’t lose anything onto the road - at least we can laugh about it now!

 What is your favourite B7s arena?

I’m a Funky Forest/ Ya Mum’s House guy, personally. 🕺

If you was to come in fancy dress, what would you come in?

Ginger Spice… for obvious reasons 👨🏻‍🦰🌶️