Unbelievably, there are still people that don’t know what Bournemouth 7s is all about. 

They presume it’s just a sports tournament… 

…or just a music festival. 

Well it’s both, and, much, more! So we’ve pulled together 7 other highlights that you can expect at Bournemouth 7s this year:

1. Bingo Lingo

It’s Bingo mixed with huge party anthems, on-stage battles, crowd-pleasing stage performers, interactive hosts, and a chance to win prizes! Lip sync battle? Dance-off? They have you covered.

Thursday 6pm: Beer Tent

Friday 5pm: Big Top 

2. Fancy Dress Competitions

Bournemouth 7s has become renowned for its fancy dress turnout. Each year has a new theme and the array of imaginative and creative outfits never disappoints. Prizes are given to the best dressed!

This year's theme? BEST OF BRITISH.

3. VIP Foam Party

Everyone loves an old school foam party, and where better to experience one than in the VIP Colourseum? Get ready for a wet and wild party in an incredible arena.

4. Beer Haus

Oktoberfest vibes are returning to Bournemouth 7s by popular demand! The German Beer Tent has had a serious upgrade after 5 years in hibernation, and we're looking forward to seeing those steins back where they belong. Prost!

5. Glamping

Do you love festivals, but not camping? If so, glamping in one of our sleep-ready, pre-erected bell tents is for you. With all bedding provided, private toilets, and hot showers, you can posh-up your festival experience.

6. Budgy Watching

Bournemouth 7s has become the migration destination for a diverse array of Budgy Smugglers. The new unofficial players' uniform is now tight, bright, garish and leaves little to the the imagination. Body positivity at it's finest! See which varieties you can spot. 

7. Parachute Display

The RAF will be swooping in from on high to wow the crowds and deliver the official National Cup Final Ball. Look to the skies at 1620 hours to enjoy the show.