We are excited to announce that we have partnered with FGH Security, a company that shares our vision of raising the standards of festival security.

With a history of providing security services for some of the largest events in the UK, FGH was founded on 27th March 2003, with a mission to bring about positive change in the industry.

Their team of highly trained professionals will provide comprehensive security services that encompass everything from crowd control to incident management.

FGH Security has been at the forefront of the private security industry for over 18 years, playing an active role in shaping the industry to become what it is today. From introducing new courses and procedures to developing best practices in hospitality and security, FGH has played an instrumental role in raising the standard of security services in the UK.

At B7s, we take the safety of our guests very seriously, and we are proud to work with FGH. We’re confident that they will help us deliver an exceptional experience for our guests, and we are excited to work together to keep people safe at Bournemouth 7s Festival.