Each year we aim to reduce Bournemouth 7s impact on the environment, and 2021 was no different. 

We are always working hard to reduce single-use plastics, increase recycling and make Bournemouth 7s an example to other local events, and in 2021, the campsite took centre stage. 

Abandoned tents make up 17% of the waste from UK festivals which mostly end up in landfill. To do our bit to reduce this, we invited 2nd Bournemouth Scout Group to come down after a fun-filled festival weekend and collect any tents that could be re-used for their group activities. 

For every tent that was salvaged, a plastic equivalent of 250 pint cups was saved from heading to landfill. 

Whilst we are very thankful to 2nd Bournemouth Scouts for giving a home to a large portion of the tents, unfortunately they couldn’t take them all, so we’re calling on all our campers to be a B7s sustainability champion.

After packing up your belongings (along with your dignity), PLEASE make sure you take your tent home with you too!