Carlsberg Bringing Back the Danish Garden for 2022

This year’s festival already boasts many causes for celebration, but here’s another: Carlsberg will be joining us for the 10th consecutive year an Official Sponsor for Bournemouth 7s Festival.

This Danish brewer needs no introduction. Carlsberg, to many, is a famous Danish Pilsner. To others, they make, probably, the best beer adverts ever. But to those who know them best, they are so much more, as a brewer with over 170-years of heritage and a constant pursuit of better. This isn’t just about brewing the best-tasting beer. For Carlsberg, it’s about striving to make their business better for the world while inspiring others to do the same.

Carlsberg have been an extremely loyal and greatly valued partner of Bournemouth 7’s Festival since 2012 and the B7s team couldn’t be happier to announce that they will bring another drop of Denmark to the festival.

The Carlsberg Danish Garden become a new favourite amongst the daytime crowd last year, and we’re happy to announce that it will be returning this year.