All Team tickets will be emailed to the captains of each team in mid-May. This includes any upgrades individuals would have purchased. You can either bring mobile tickets or print them off and distribute them to your team members.


Each netball match will be 7 minutes each way, in 17 minute slots, including the finals. This will be the same across 1 and 2 day cups.

Due to the amount of teams which are participating at the festival, turn-around times are very quick. If you are late, this will result in a loss as this will effect the days schedule.

Only if you are granted permission from the Tournament Manager. This will not be given unless the player is deemed to be playing in a stronger cup competition that she/he was originally registered.

If you are not affiliated to England Netball, then we heavily encourage that you look into this by visiting the England Netball Insurance Page.

Please be aware that Bournemouth 7s accepts no responsibility for any injuries that occur during the National Netball Festival and if you are not affiliated to England Netball, you will be competing in the festival at your own risk.

First Aid provisions will be available throughout the weekend and can be accessed by contacting the tournament or event staff.

Yes absolutely! We have launched a brand new mixed cup competition which is played all day Saturday.

Standard Netball Cups

All games will be played according to the IFNA Rules apart from specific Bournemouth 7s Rules – These will be circulate ahead of the festival to team captains.

Mixed Netball Cup

All games will be played according to the MNA Rules apart from specific Bournemouth 7s Rules. With regards to ratios, please see below:

  • Each team may have no more than 4 players of either sex on court at a time (i.e. the team may be made up of 4 men and 3 women or 3 men and 4 women).
  • Only one player of each sex is allowed in each third, with the exception of the centre third, where the third player may be of either sex (i.e. GK and GD must be of opposite sexes, as must GA and GS, and no more than two of WA, C and WD may be of the same sex).