All Team tickets will be emailed to the captains of each team in mid-May. This includes any upgrades individuals would have purchased. You can either bring e-tickets or print them off and distribute them to your team members.


All rugby matches (group games and knockout stages) will be 7 minutes each way, with elite finals being 10 minutes each way.

Only if you are granted permission from the Tournament Manager. This will not be given unless the player is deemed to be playing in a stronger cup competition that she/he was originally registered.

Due to the amount of teams which are participating at the festival, turn-around times are very quick. If you are late, this will result in a loss as this will effect the days schedule.

All Bournemouth 7s rugby games will be played according to the World Rugby Laws and Regulations with 7 and 10-a-side variations as outlined by World Rugby.

Bournemouth 7s may implement specific rules which have been authorised by the RFU and in this instance, information will be circulated to all teams.

If you are a RFU affiliated rugby team you will automatically be covered to play at the festival through your club’s insurance.
 All non-affiliated teams are now covered as they are pre-approved by the RFU to be covered by the 
RFU’s Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability Insurance, provided the match or tournament is played in accordance with the RFU Rules and Regulations and the World Rugby Laws of the Game.
 If you are a team or player based outside of England, you will need to provide confirmation of approval from your national federation in order to participate at the Festival. 
Please email for more details.

Yes! Bournemouth 7s are proud to be working with the London Society of Referees who provide all referee provisions over the weekend.