Sustainability and awareness of our impact on the local environment & community is a fundamental consideration for B7s planning. We are always looking to introduce new initiatives to reduce the B7s footprint and welcome suggestions from all.


We’re working hard to reduce single-use plastics, increase recycling, and strive to make B7s an example to other events. Please help us in our mission to keep our little part of the world beautiful.



We are lucky enough to call Bournemouth and it’s surroundings our home, and are proud to able to bring thousands of people here for one weekend a year and show-off what the area has to offer.


We are fully aware of the impact that our event can have for local residents, and therefore we work closely with our community, and provide a dedicated phone line throughout Bournemouth 7s so that residents can contact us with any concerns they may have.



We know that travel is an essential component to any festival, however it has been found to contribute between 60%-80% to the event’s overall carbon footprint. 

To tackle this we are:

ecolibrium: Working with the charity ecolibrium who works to tackle the environmental impacts of travel by supporting organisations and individuals to reduce, record and balance travel-related carbon emissions.

Use ecolibrium’s online Travel Carbon Calculator to work out your travel emissions to the event and balance them with a donation to one of their climate solutions programmes.

Car Share: If you are driving to the festival, sign up and save money on a parking ticket. Looking for a lift? Find awesome people who’ll drive you to the festival. Travel green and save money.

Public Transport: We recommend using public transport or Big Green Coach to travel to Bournemouth 7s. See our Travel FAQs for further details.