We are thrilled to announce that Mixtons Cocktails is joining forces with the Bournemouth 7s Festival as an official partner! Bringing a splash of excitement to this year's event, Mixtons will be launching the brand-new arena, 'Mixtons Twisted Mambo', promising a cocktail experience like no other.

Mixtons Cocktails is on a mission to bring back the magic of great cocktails by adding unique twists to classic flavours. They don't believe in the old-fashioned. What makes cocktails special is discovering new flavours and sharing them with those around you, and that's why we've concocted our twists.

At Mixtons Twisted Mambo, festival-goers can expect a vibrant atmosphere where creativity and flavour collide. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or new to the world of mixology, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

From zesty citrus blends to spicy infusions, the Mixtons team will be showcasing their flair for creating cocktails that are both delicious and Instagram-worthy. Plus, with interactive cocktail-making workshops and tasting sessions, you'll have the chance to learn the tricks of the trade from the best in the business.

So grab your festival tickets, round up your friends, and get ready to raise a glass to a weekend of unforgettable memories at the Bournemouth 7s Festival with Mixtons Cocktails!

Stay tuned for more updates on what promises to be an epic partnership between Mixtons Cocktails and the Bournemouth 7s Festival. Cheers to new flavours, shared experiences, and a summer to remember!